Saturn, 2013
Book project, 104 pages, cellophane soft cover
29.7 cm × 21 cm

Saturn is based on original photographic material consisting of approximately five hundred pictures, taken during a two-day promotion for a lens manufacturer, which took place in a Saturn store (german chain of stores selling consumer electronics) in Hamburg where the artist was working.

Saturn draws on the aesthetics of mailshot advertising brochures. However, what betokens this aesthetic remains unclear: sigma signs in various combinations that come across as price labels run through the entire book and tag both objects and people with an imaginary value.

The work emerges from the artist’s real and seemingly absurd working situation, which is played out on the fictional stage of a “capitalist temple of commerce”. In passing, it touches on a number of topical political and social issues that reflect on the media. The result is a fragmentary narrative bundled up into the form of a book.