»Die Fotografen« 2013

6 photographs, middle format, framed in aluminum frames
50 x 40 cm

For the expert eye it quickly becomes apparent that the pullover the six photographed men wear is one and the same model whose colour has been digitally manipulated.
As an imaginary semicircle formation of the portrayed arises if the observer is standing centred in front of the series, the conception of the photographed men as a group becomes evident. The lighting in the single images is installed in such a manner that the particular photographer looks towards brightness.

Since the group is rather organised heterarchically there is no direct vis-à-vis to the spectator: All participants are turned away from the viewer in different angles and wear the same style of pullover which in this case turns into some kind of uniform. The consistently steadfast gaze into the camera is striking and results in a strange tension between coherence of the group on the one hand and the beholder’s feeling of beeing observed on the other hand.

Due to the shrill pullover colours the association of an advertising aesthetic is obvious. That is, however, in conflict with the postures of the photographed that appear stiff and forced.
Here it almost seems as if a classical portrait pose was satirized.