Doubt remains, 2012
8 C-Prints, framed,
various sizes

The title of each image describes this one but doesn’t pretend any definite direction of interpretation. All elements in every particular image of the series subject to a strict principle in compositional terms.
In every image you can see two people who resemble each other which leads you to suppose a personal relationship between the two. Such a one however isn’t maintained neither by the title nor through the image’s arrangement. In fact it is more a duality or an absence of relationship that is established in the image. It’s more a distance to each other than a bond to which the issue is broached here.

An important aspect of this series is to show as precise and subtle as possible to enable a view as differiented as possible. In the context of this work I dealt with the genesis of breaches and tensions within the staged photographic image. I tried by means of high precision on the level of representation to generate as many blank spaces as possible which force the spectator to fill these ones.

Not to evoque a single narration but many potential ones is one oft he aims of this work.
The images oft he series don’t offer exact interpretations but ask the spectator to approach them with its proper experience in viewing pictures.
On the image’s surface everything is settled but regarding its inside or meaning, the spectator is thrown back upon himself.

Doubt remains.